Does your Company Plan give you the ability to offer competitive benefits which enable TOP TALENT retention?

We provide Employers with Plan Solutions that offer:

  • Fiduciary services
  • Economies of scale
  • Fee transparency
  • Institutional share options
  • Flexible investment solutions

Our concierge SERVICE takes a complex opaque plan structure and makes it transparent.

Start Up Plans, Small Plans and Rollover Plans Welcome
Easy Online Access to Resources
Reduced Employer Liability Due to the Shared Fiduciary Status of the Team
Veteran Financial Professionals
Increased Employee Retention & Recruiting Tools
Customized Plan Design
Employers & Participants Enjoy Cost Savings

At Bell Rock Capital we review plan structures to make sure they are aligned with the vision and culture of the Company.

Our 401(k) Plan Solution offers the flexibility to build your own portfolio and/or select a portfolio strategy from the age based model portfolios. Participants customize their investment choices to suit their individual circumstances.

  • The exchange traded funds and mutual funds cover a diverse set of equity and bond styles.
  • There are target date funds available for selection. These portfolios are a mix of equities and fixed income securities whose composition (stocks, bonds, cash equivalents) is managed to a selected time frame.
  • There are NO 12b-1 fees or revenue sharing.

As the Plan 3(38) We Are:
  • Selecting your fund options
  • Providing asset allocation models
  • Monitoring the fund selections
  • Documenting processes
  • Educating your employees
Our Selection Process Includes:
  • Proprietary screening methods and tools such as Fi360
  • 1 Year Return Top 50% vs. Peer Group
  • 3 Year Return Top 50% vs. Peer Group
  • 5 Year Return Top 50% vs. Peer Group
  • Expense Ratio Top 50% percentile vs. Peer Group

The Plan Solution is comprised of independent parties working together for you, the Adopting Employer.

  • FutureBenefits of America: Third Party Administrator & RecordKeeper. Maintains records, statements and testing.
  • MidAtlantic Trust: Custodian. Holds the assets and processes all transactions.
  • Bell Rock Capital, LLC: Portfolio Strategist. Selects the investment lineup and manages the portfolios 3(38).
  • ERISA Wise LLC: Plan Administrator, Trustee & Fiduciary 3(16).